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What is EnVest? Read about our mission and key objectives.

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Rashad Howard

Rashad Howard:
"I Am" Video

Rashad explains what The EnVest Foundation means to him.

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Josh Humbert

EnVest Overview with Founder Joshua Humbert

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The EnVest Foundation


How can the community benefit from my philanthropy?

A. Every year thousands of nonprofit groups struggle to cover expenses associated with executing the organization’s mission and goals. Your philanthropy and active community involvement helps to bridge the budgetary gap for these organizations -- leading to the accomplishment of goals that create a better society.  Your pledge to these organizations signals a commitment to becoming a lifetime giver. This act inspires your friends, colleagues, family and future generations to do the same which subsequently becomes a legacy that will empower future generations.

What support will the EnVest Foundation provide?

A. EnVest has developed a curriculum to support you along your philanthropic journey.
Our events,
giving plan, and curriculum, such as Philanthropy 101, provide continuing education about philanthropy; accountability matrices and philanthropic advisory which assists in helping you decide how your gift should be distributed.

What are the benefits of membership in EnVest?

A. Membership provides you with opportunities to develop a lifestyle of philanthropy through your participation in EnVest membership-only events, programs, and networking with the greater community of EnVest supporters. The core objectives taught within our curriculum fulfills a new donor pipeline of educated, trained and strategic givers to benefit our national community.

Where do my membership contributions go?

A. The annual general membership of $300/$25 per month allows the foundation to encourage and support philanthropy. In addition, your generous donation supports EnVest curriculum, individual giving plans and general operating budget which ensures our doors always stay open to individuals looking to make a difference in their community.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

A. EnVest also offers volunteer opportunities outside of the mentoring program throughout the year.  Visit our website frequently for future volunteer opportunities, or join an EnVest committee.

How can I help EnVest beyond my membership?

A. EnVest has recurring projects and standing committees responsible for growing its programmatic outreach.  These include;  membership, finance, outreach, events and communications committees. If you have interest and experience in any of these areas, we want to work with you.  For information about joining a committee, please contact Joshua Humbert at or Demek Adams at

What is the EnVest curriculum for new philanthropists?

A. EnVest has designed a curriculum to transform you from an occasional donor to a lifetime giver. Through your participation in our curriculum, you will benefit from educational, motivational and inspirational activities that will encourage and support your lifestyle of giving. Participation in our Philanthropy 101, Bellwether Series 201, creating a giving plan and additional EnVest programmatic activities, will develop you as a philanthropist. Our goal is for you to grow from a general member to a donor advised fund holder ensuring that your gift to the community has meaningful impact.

How can the EnVest Foundation help me professionally?

A. It is no secret that there has always been a connection between the business community and philanthropy. That's why EnVest has established relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders in the business community, and we incorporate these networks into our programmatic work.  Doing so ensures that our members have an opportunity to meet the business community at our networking, recognition, and additional philanthropic focused events. At EnVest, we understand that your growth as a professional undoubtedly plays a role in how you can make a difference in your community and in the lives of others.


The EnVest Foundation
P.O. Box 3172
Washington DC 20010
Ph: 202-681-7383


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